Handwriting Analyst © Graphology Software

Handwriting Analyst© lets you meet others as they really are - behind closed doors. It breaks the complexities of handwriting into about 60 multiple choice questions. Illustrations of each choice are provided on-screen. You can answer the questions quickly and accurately using a short sample of a person's writing and/or a signature. Handwriting Analyst© reports uncover highly accurate descriptions of the writer's:
  • Physical and Material Drives
  • Emotional Characteristics
  • Intellectual Style
  • Personality Traits
  • Social Behavior
  • Vocational Implications
The Brief Report provides a thumbnail sketch of the writer's personality and the Detailed Report offers more elaboration and explanation of each trait. Two writers can be compared to each other or differences between a writer's public personality (signature) and private personality (text) can be identified.
Signature Analyst© is a program within Handwriting Analyst© which, by itself, is capable of analyzing signatures only. A number of celebrity autographs are included for analysis. Many registered users have been able to use Handwriting Analyst© profitably to
  • Earn income analyzing handwriting
  • Better understand your ancestors
  • Evaluate employees or clients - before you deal with them
  • Assess the personalities of business associates, co-workers, and potential partners
  • Customize marketing campaigns and close more sales
  • Spark trade show interest with quick printouts for each participant
  • Catch a glimpse of the secret lives of celebrities and politicians